Poplolly Studio: for children and the child at heart


Poplolly means “little darling” and in this world of chaos and confusion, there are many little darlings of all ages in need of comfort. While a colorful piece of artwork may not be able to cure diseases, I believe art can speak joy and hope into our lives. The Arts accomplish this by increasing beauty and providing a conduit of connection to others in our communities. It is my mission to share my gifts with the world in the hope that my art or singing might bring a measure of happiness, a spark of the imagination, or a feeling of comfort on your journey.


As the artist and creator behind Poplolly Studio, I have goals to create children’s books, lullaby albums for kids, as well as cheery home d├ęcor. I believe that as we grow into adults, we do not lose our childhood need for curiosity, beauty, whimsy or comfort. It is often ignored for “more serious matters” or disguised, but it is still there and we often try to fill it with unhelpful pursuits. My ultimate vision for Poplolly Studio is that it connects children with their curiosity and reminds adults to play.